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How to Find the
Best Clothes on Amazon

Live by these three rules when shopping for clothes on amazon and you will never be disappointed with your Amazon delivery!

If you're anything like me, when I first considered buying clothes on Amazon I thought it was going to be an immediate mistake and something I'd regret.


And the first few times this would prove to be true. Very quickly however I learned exactly what three things I needed to consider and pay attention to to make sure that whatever arrived at my door from Amazon was exactly what I wanted.

Strictly follow these three rules when buying clothes from Amazon and you will love the fashion wardrobe that you build from buying on their website.

Rule number one: 

Know your body type

Know your body type. A $10,000 dress is never going to look good on the wrong body type. So a $15 Amazon dress sure as heck won't look good!


An example of this would be, lets say you have a very broad shoulders, but you decide to buy a strapless dress. Now, this silhouette is never going to be flattering on you because of your broad shoulders.


So when buying on Amazon make sure you are staying strictly within the silhouettes that look good for your specific body type. Because it’s hard enough buying clothing online, unseen in person. Stick to shapes you know work for your body type.


If you're wondering what your body type is and what silhouettes look best on your body type you can download your free "What's My Body Type?" guide here. It also has suggestions for clothes that specifically flatter each unique body type!

(Part two) of rule number one: to pay close attention to the fit of the garment. Let’s say you look really good in a high waisted trouser. So you search high waisted trouser on Amazon. I want you to look very closely at the way that trouser fits on the model (and better yet on the real people who post review photos). Does the waistline look nice, or does it look like it is rolling under, or is uneven. How do the pockets sit? Are they gapping? If the fit looks off, skip it!

Rule number two: 

Focus on the color

Focus on the color. Color is very important. Of the thousands of clothing pieces I have looked at on Amazon, I have learned that the photos can misrepresent the actual color of the piece of clothing.


For instance you may see a deep rich red but in the mail you may receive an orangey red that just looks very cheap. Color, and more specifically, the shade and tone of color in fabric is what is a giveaway for the clothing being cheap or expensive. Color alone can determine if an outfit looks good or just looks plain bad!


A good tip to make sure that the color of the piece of clothing that you're going to buy an Amazon is right is to look at the reviews. Take a look at the real photos that people post. People are posting photos of that actual piece of clothing in different lighting, which can help you get a feel for the piece's true color. Also, I doubt reviewers are editing the photo. Sometimes the company that posts the photo of the clothing that they are selling will edit the photo and it will change the way the color of the garment is represented.


In some instances I would recommend not buying a piece of clothing from Amazon if you are unable to see any of the real photos that people post in the reviews of them wearing the clothing for this reason.

Rule number three: 

The Fabric

The fabric! The third most important thing that you need to consider when buying any type of clothing but even more importantly when buying clothing on Amazon is the fabric.


There are a few factors that I want you to pay attention to when considering the fabric of a garment on Amazon: texture, thickness, stretch, sheen/no sheen.


Again the type of fabric used in a garment is going to be a dead giveaway as to whether it's very cheap or whether it's very expensive. When you are buying something from Amazon that could only be $15 you don't want to look like you paid $15 for it! If you were able to get a good look at the texture, the thickness, the stretch, and the overall sheen of the fabric, this is going to help you assess whether or not you actually want to buy that piece of clothing.

I post tons of looks on my instagram and youtube account from amazon, searching out the best fashion so you don’t have to hunt endlessly to pick out the winners from the losers! check out my amazon picks here:

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