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Let's Discuss Your Wardrobe Needs!

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Body Type Worksheet

What's My Body Type?

Find out to help you pick the perfect clothes for your body type.

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Hi! Im Margaret!

I have a passion for helping people feel like they can rule the world by matching them with the perfect outfit...

If you haven't ever felt that way before, you are definitely in the right place. Let me help you revamp your closet and fill it with clothing that will serve you and make you feel amazing each and every day!

Whether you are feeling like you're in a rut and want a fresh start in your closet, or you have a special event coming up and need the perfect look for your special occasion I can help you look fabulous!

Book your free 20 minute
dress your best  consultation call


3 Steps to Your Happy Closet...



Free Call -
Dress Your Best

Get started with a 20 minute video consultation. Let's uncover exactly what's working for you in your closet, and what has to go!


Have a special occasion coming up or need one specific outfit? We can discuss that here as well.


Assessment & Outfit Selection

My most popular package!

4 Looks to Fabulous!

We will take a deep dive into your personality, lifestyle and preferences. We'll talk about your ideal colors that look best on you. From here you will be given 4 looks curated specifically for you.

You have the opportunity to make one outfit swap. All items will be presented to you in a personalized portfolio with pictures, links to buy, and prices.


Follow Up Call

Included complementary for booking your assessment and outfit selection, we will meet via video chat and discuss any questions/concerns. If an outfit doesn't work you can request a complementary outfit swap!

Let me guess...

  • Shopping is not fun because you can never find something that looks good

  • You have no idea what your body 'type' is, let alone how to 'dress' your body type!

  • You wish you could look be like those women who make fashion look effortless

  • You have a full closet, but nothing ever fits right

  • You dread special events because you have no idea what to wear


How great would it feel if...

  • You were excited to get dressed in the morning, no more boring outfits!

  • Your clothes fit your specific body type, and accentuated your best features

  • You no longer felt insecure among those 'fashion types'

  • You knew exactly what to wear for that special event

  • Your clothes were uniquley you!

  • You felt amazing in your clothes, like the star of your life!

  • You had a special stylist that helped you achieve all of the above, and could call on her at a moment's notice for all your outfit needs....

Let's Get Started!

You can have the wardrobe that makes you feel confident & beautiful! When you find the right clothes for your body type & personality you will feel amazing! 

Schedule your free 20 minute dress your best consultation to discuss your specific wardrobe needs!

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