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How to Be the Best Dressed Party Guest this Holiday Season!

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red velvet pants and fashion stylist
red christmas dress and fashion stylist

How to Be the Best Dressed Party Guest this Holiday Season!


I LOVE the Christmas season! I think aside from the cookie baking, and yummy holiday dinners, my favorite part is the fun festive outfits. Think red, velvet, shiny, sparkly and satin! These are fabrics, colors and textures that you might not find feel right in your wardrobe at other times of the year. But during the holidays, it’s a big YES.


For those of us who feel overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and don’t feel like fashion and getting dressed comes easy, thinking of that special outfit for your holiday party can be daunting, and make the whole holiday season just feel too stressful.


But let me tell you, once you have a few staple pieces in your holiday wardrobe, you will begin to LOVE those holiday parties and events, because you won’t be able to wait to wear those fun, festive and shockingly beautiful holiday outfits!


So what is the secret to being the best dressed party guest? And what would it feel like if you knew you were THE best dressed guest?


Let us dive into that here. In my humble personal stylist opinion, there are 5 rules that the most stylish holiday dressers follow and they are below…


  1. Have one or two statement pieces.
    The most exciting part of the holidays is the unique opportunity to wear really fun statement pieces. This means things like velvet, bright and rich jewel tones like emerald green, deep gold, silver, rich tans. As well as sweeping silhouettes like wide leg pans, and dresses that flow with you as you walk… is that too much stylist talk for you. (LOL). Let me be more specific. To really rule the room in terms of your outfit, make sure you have one or two pieces that are the focal point to your outfit. You’ll know you have a focal point piece because it stands out. For instance. If i have a nude top, nude heels and red velvet pans, its clear the pants stand out. I have achieved step one of being the best dressed at the party. I have my statement/focal point piece.

  2. Stay away from an all over sparkle, shine, bright color look. Have you heard the saying, too much is too much? This is very true in fashion and can oftentimes be the reason your outfit just doesn’t look right. If you are wearing a deep, rich jewel tone skirt, try pairing it with a more neutral top, and one statement jewelry piece. Instead of having a bright top as well. This helps to keep things balanced, and doesn’t confuse and overwhelm the eye.

  3. Draw attention to the right parts of your body. The right parts of your body are those areas you like the most. Everyone has a different body type, but overall, we fall into one of the 5 body shape categories. Knowing your specific body shape is crucial to looking good in your clothes and knowing what to buy when you’re at the store. Don’t know which body type is yours? You are likely to fall into one of the following types: hourglass, apple, rectangle, pear, or inverted triangle.

    Check out my body type worksheet to help you determine your body shape - its free! Click here.

    To give you an example, a lot of holiday looks are showing embellishments on the shoulders and upper body. If you are an inverted triangle shape, you would want to stay away from these styles because this will only make your shoulders appear wider, drawing attention to your shoulders. Instead opt for a holiday look that draws more attention to the lower half of your body, creating more volume where you tend to be more narrow. Try a peplum dress, fit and flare, or wide leg trousers.

  4. Go for it! The holidays are a time to celebrate life! So why not try something different, don’t be afraid to wear something that stands out like those shiny red heels, or that sweater with the fur trim. If you see something in the boutique that makes your heart sing (as my mom would say), go for it, it was meant to be yours!

  5. FEEL worthy. The last and most important secret to being the best dressed at the holiday party is owning your value. When you feel amazing on the inside, it shows on the outside and you will shine. Another tip: stand up straight! Nothing kills a gorgeous holiday outfit like poor posture. You belong, look at the world straight on  and own it!

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