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Must Have Skirts: Amazon

Skirts are great for three reasons.


#1 You can wear all types of shoes with a skirt: flats, booties, knee boots, wedges, sandals.


#2 You never have to worry about hem length.


#3 A skirt can be dressed up or down, and you will pretty much always look pulled together.

With all that being said, sometimes it can be really hard to find the right skirt. Well...I have found THREE perfect skirts, and they are all UNDER $33!!!

AND they are all found on Amazon. This means, easy free shipping, and if you don't like them, free returns!

Let's talk skirts. From the top:

The first on my list of Amazon favorite must have skirts is this faux leather oxblood mid-thigh skirt. It zips up the back, doesn't make a weird crunching noise like some fake leather material can, and will make you look expensive. 

The second on my list of Amazon favorite must have skirts is this perfect fall plaid skirt. It has faux buttons up the front center, and has an invisible zipper. It's super comfortable, and will really help you call in all the fall vibes.

The third on my list of Amazon favorite must have skirts is this incredible green suede skirt. The suede is faux, making it super affordable, but no less luxurious feeling! This is one of my all time favorite skirts. I love the small tirangle slit in the front, this helps to make the skirt more comfortable, and give you a little more room. It zips up the back. If you only buy one of the trhee skirts listed here, I highly recommend this one!

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